Monsieur Tillier

This robust tea rose from 1891 mixes an orange, pink, and crimson palette with an early seasonal bloom.

Purezza (The Pearl)

A double-flowering hybrid of the delicate Lady Banks Rose, Purezza is a nimble and slender climber.

Chandler Elegans

The variegated form of this 19th-century heirloom Camellia japonica shows its peony-like form.

Picotee Satsuki Azalea

This unnamed hybrid Azalea sports semi-double blossoms with dark pink picotee edging around the flower.

Summer adventures

August 20, 2016: Heat has been the main thing: temperatures into the 90s have been common, so frequent watering has been essential. Most of the roses are taking a break in the face of the heat, although 'Burgundy Iceburg' and several miniatures ('Hot Tamale' and an unnamed butterscotch colored rose) don't care how hot it gets. Other plants are thriving.

'Sungold' tomatoes are enjoying the season with profuse fruiting. Star jasmine had a second bloom this year, coinciding with Jasminum sambac, Persian jasmine, a nice treat. Cool bedding plants like begonias, impatiens, ivy geraniums, and lobelia persevere despite the heat. And there are whispers of autumn afoot.

Overcoming "Landlord's Folly": the aftermath

Yes, I realize I rent and the ground belongs to the landlord, but for twelve years I've raised antique roses in the front garden without any trouble. Then disaster struck in the shape of a buzz-saw, or something similar. All plants were "pruned" within inches of the ground. What's the next step?