Monsieur Tillier

This robust tea rose from 1891 mixes an orange, pink, and crimson palette with an early seasonal bloom.

Purezza (The Pearl)

A double-flowering hybrid of the delicate Lady Banks Rose, Purezza is a nimble and slender climber.

Chandler Elegans

The variegated form of this 19th-century heirloom Camellia japonica shows its peony-like form.

Picotee Satsuki Azalea

This unnamed hybrid Azalea sports semi-double blossoms with dark pink picotee edging around the flower.

Summer adventures

September 10, 2017: After a week of blistering, tropical heat at the end of August, we're back to "normal" September weather in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, although you never know what's coming. Los Angeles has had significant heat well into October, so we'll see!

I'm relying on seeds more than in the past this season. Lobelia, zinnias, and cosmos have been a great success. Miniature roses and pelargoniums (geraniums as they're known in the States) have been reliable. Sweet peas have been sown for autumn and winter cut flowers. We're on track for a good fall season.

Down the garden path: a renewal

It was bothering me for months: I could barely see the garden path anymore! It was overgrown with oxalis weeds and Bermuda grass, and the grey stepping stones had sunk beneath the unwanted foliage. Nothing else would do but a complete make-over, and that's what I tackled this past week while on vacation.

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