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    Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink, nice in an of itself but not the main subject of this page.

    This is my home page, prettily cluttered with various forms of ephemera. The past is a major topic. If you like old things, feel free to explore.

    As the great sage once said, "Everything is illuminated in the light of the past."

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    At right are some photos from my garden and from my ancestry. The young lady is Maggie Petersen at her confirmation in Chicago circa 1903, the children are George and Arnolda Jatho's offspring from Charleston, South Carolina, 1889.

About me

I'm D.L. MacLaughlan Dumes, online name saki, a Beatles fan since December 1963. I've written about The Fabs (as George Harrison dubbed them) and about sixties music in general, some might say to excess, in online forums and in music magazines and journals. My online name was borrowed from my late cat, a Burmese-Siamese mix called Saki, named after the early-19th-century writer of ironically-toned short fiction. But I spell my online name with a small "s" to avoid confusion.

I studied Egyptology at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and at UCLA with a specialization in Hellenistic religious texts, particularly animal cults. To earn my keep I work at web development, edit scientific publications, and manage academic conferences. I'm married to another fan of sixties music, Bruce Dumes, a musician and software engineer.

I like to collect tube radios, particularly those with shortwave capability. My favorite is our Zenith 10S690, made in 1942. I also have a nice mid-fifties Grundig and Blaupunkt, both of which sound terrific. Solid-state can be useful too, of course, but nothing beats a good warm set of tubes.

Genealogy is another passion, a personal archaeology, more or less. If you have Danish, German, French, or Russian ancestry please feel free to check out the photos and documents at my genealogy pages. Let me know if there are any connections to your own family. I'm always happy to share research with others or do free look-ups for those still searching for their roots.

Speaking of roots...check out my garden page, where I share pictures of landscape designs and show what's in bloom. If you want to talk about antique and heritage roses, contact me.

What I'm reading right now

"Wolf Hall" and its follow-up "Bring Up the Bodies" by Hilary Mantel are superbly researched imaginative novels of the rise and eventual fall of Thomas Cromwell, a "nobody" who engineered the English reformation and fulfilled King Henry VIII's various whims, mostly. Some of the best prose I've read in 21st-century fiction.