All those years ago

In 1987, a music enthusiast named Jim Kendall established a Usenet newsgroup called Usenet was an interactive network originally used by academics, scientists, programmers, and defense industry folks for information exchange on a variety of topics.

Usenet groups were accessed via the only platform that was available, the Unix operating system, and newsreaders such as "rn", "trn", and "tin" produced a plethora of articles written for enlightenment or pleasure. We hope you'll enjoy this collection.

Unix fans, 1987





How to navigate

The r.m.b 1987 archive is designed to look like a typical Unix terminal, green letters on black. Don't like it? Just hit your "c" key for black on white.

Unix provides a mouse-free experience. To navigate, just follow the on-screen directions: n for next page of messages, up or down arrow keys to highlight a topic, enter or return to display, spacebar to display more of the article, b to go back to the list.

Ready? Enter the archives.

Typical stuff on screen